New House: Immitation

If you remember from this post we wanted our house to look like this.

Instead of this.  

We paid for the extra stone for the entry arch and along the wall to the door.  We also added extra coach lights since our original elevation only had one.   Yes, I'll admit, we copied another house's design but we had a different elevation than the house we were trying to emulate.  We figured that the subtle differences in the elevation would be enough to differentiate the two houses.  Not that it mattered because the house we took our inspiration from was on the other side of town.  So it's not likely that somebody would look at our house and be like, "Hey that house looks like the house over in Cedar Park!  Totally lame!"

We think we did a pretty good job trying to replicate that house.  Well apparently so did somebody else.
I came out of my house the other morning to find one of the construction superintendents and a client on our driveway and they wanted to know if she could show him something on our porch.  Ooookay. Didn't think anything of it.  Until I went to go check the mail yesterday and saw the house on the bottom.  My jaw pretty much hit the pavement.  I think the only difference between their exterior design and ours is their brick choice and that they took the entry arch brick all the way down instead of having the brick split the stone halfway down. 

I thought that David Weekley didn't allow for such similar looking exteriors.  We met the family who will be moving in across the street from us.  They are also building with David Weekley.  They said that they were initially told that they could not use the stone they wanted to use because M/I Homes was already planning to use it on one of their spec homes.  But their David Weekley rep talked to the M/I rep and the M/I rep agreed to changed out the stone selection since it was going to be a spec home and was not already under contract.  But I guess that rule only applies between the two builders. Heaven forbid that David Weekley try and prevent one of their customers from building a house too similar to another one of their homes that is already in the section.  They say that immitation is the sincerest form of flattery.  I'm flattered.  Really.  I am.  But I wish that David Weekley had stepped in and pushed the home buyers to choose a different stone.  Something to differeintiate our two houses.  Now they just seem so...cookie cutter. And not that David Weekley is known as a custom builder but why do they bother giving people exterior options at all if they're just going to turn around and let somebody choose something so similar?  And I know that most people won't drive through our neighborhood and see the two houses and be like, "Those two houses look the same.  Lame!"  But it still bugs the living crap out of me.  Le sigh.  I hope David Weekley has enough common sense in future builds of our elevation to have the home buyers pick different exterior choices.  We'll see.  I guess for now, I'll just have to sign up for e-bills for everything to avoid having to pass by the one down the street to check the mail.  Ha. 

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