Weekend Shenanigans: SUPERBOWL!!!

So if you hadn't heard, yesterday was the Superbowl.  The game was a nailbiter.  The halftime show was awesome.  Or so I was told because I had to miss it because El Stinko needed to go for a walk. Great timing.  And the commercials made people ragey.  Ummmm...Nationwide commercial anybody?  So since it was the biggest game of the year, we thought it would be the perfect time to have our (my) friends and their families over.  I was so excited to finally have people over at the new house.  I never even really had them over at the old house but I foresee lots of get-togethers here. 

Here are a few updated interior pictures.  I've always loved these Pottery Barn iron pieces and thought it would be great in the entryway.  I'm not sure if they go with the console table though because the pieces kind of dwarf the table.  When I originally hung these pieces at the old house,  I had an issue with trying to line up the holes.  Then I had a hard time trying to line up the coordinating pieces.  I was off by an eigth of an inch on one of the brackets that I had to jerry rig the bracket with electrical tape to span the gap.  So because of all the electrical tape on the bracket, one side didn't sit flush on the wall.  So since I am obviously hanging challenged, we hired somebody to come hang all our stuff.  Best money spent ever.  No debating with J on where the right spot is.  You just tell the installation person where to hang it and they hang it.  No arguing needed.  

Next to go up was this spiral Pottery Barn candle holder in the hallway going to the powder room.  Hi.  I'm Di.  And I have a candle problem.   I'm sure most people are probably sick of seeing these because everybody made a knockoff but it was the first Christmas present my in-laws bought me when J and I first started dating.  So I didn't want to get rid of it.  


Apparently the installer's specialty was installing curtain hardware.  We hadn't picked any curtains yet but getting the hardware hung made me expedite the search for some curtains.  That and the upcoming Superbowl party.  Parties will make you expedite plans really quick.  Ideally I would have probably picked the white RITVA curtains from IKEA to keep with my beige, cream, white and brown color palette.  I love how flowy they look in Veronika's house but J begged me to find something with color to it.  After scouring Pinterest, I finally found this color pallette that I liked.

Colors for the living room.

One day as I was looking at the RIVKA curtains, I just happened to find these velvet SANELA curtains in turquoise.  Well the website says they're turquoise.  I say they're more of an aqua.   I'm so used to my beige, cream, white and brown living room that I was kind of shocked by the sudden infusion of color in the living room.

It took me about a week to adjust to the color in the room but friends keep reassuring me that once I start adding other colorful items from my inspiration color palette, that I'll get used to it.  While the installer was at the house, we also had him install the West Elm Antique Tiled Round Mirror that we bought over the holidays when they were running 20% off.  I love the way the living room is starting to come together.

After I sat and stared at the curtains in the living room while we all recovered from Sickpacolypse and I finally got used to the color, I went ahead and bought two more panels for the adjacent eating area where J's great grandmother's dining table sits.  The table has been passed down through four generations: J's great grandmother, J's grandma, J's mom and now it's in our home.  I love that so many generations have eaten together as a family at it and I look forward to passing it onto Nathan someday.  Since it is such a sentimental piece, J's mom has asked that we don't paint it.  So to try and ligthen the area up, I think I will eventually swap those chairs out for the white versions.

We still need to get three more panels to cover the middle pieces on each wall of windows.  We also need to get them hemmed about a foot.  As  you can see there's a lot of excess fabric at the bottom of each panel.  My only dilemma is trying to decide if I want to keep the grommets on top or hem them off all together and hang the curtains using clips.  I think my only hesitation with cutting off the grommets is if something goes horribly wrong and we ruin a curtain.  Actually, since I only need three more curtains, I'll have one left over and that can be the guinea pig panel.

And remember the stools I ordered from Target before Christmas that got sent back twice?  I finally got all three of them.  I ended up driving to UPS during my Christmas vacation to pick them up to prevent them from misdelivering them and from sending them back when they inevitably wouldn't be able to find our house.  I'm glad I like them because it was going to be a pain to return them.
I have to say I love entertaining at this house.  The island makes entertaining so easy and everything so accessible for everybody.  I love that I can see everything from the kitchen.  From the center of the island I can see down the hall to Nathan's room.  I can still see and hear everything going on in the living room.  I've never had as many people as we had over.  EVER.  But I can't wait for everybody to come back and enjoy our house as much as we do. 

Next projects will be to replace the pendant lights over the island and the light fixture over our dining table.  We bought the pendant lights back before Thanksgiving and are waiting to order the eating area light.  I think we're planning to order it once we get our tax amendment money in a couple weeks.  

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