Nathan: Sick Pocolypse

I'm not dead.  I've just been dealing with Sickpocalypse at our house.  Two Saturday's ago, J woke up saying his throat hurt.  He felt bad the whole weekend.  I chalked it up as a man cold.  But by Monday we realized it was more than a man cold.  He has a standing Monday morning meeting that he has to be at.  By the end of that meeting he had no voice left and didn't have one until last Friday.  This was the beginning of what I'm going to call Sickpocalypse. 

Nathan was able to stay well until Thursday.  And then come Friday, we got the dreaded call from his school saying he was sick and that one of us needed to come pick him up.  When J got to his class, Nathan was laying on the floor while his friends ate their lunches.  By this point, neither had a fever.  I played doctor mom as best as I could.  By Sunday night Nathan had a low grade fever.  As a matter of fact, we all had low grade fevers.  I passed around the thermometer and we all had temperatures of 99.8.  Great.  Gave everybody their dose of medicine and we all went to sleep.  Since yesterday was a holiday, Nathan's school wasn't open.  So I took him to Casa de Nana's.  By 9:30, they were telling me he had a fever of 101.7.  Cue freak out.  J and I took the first available appointments with a pediatrician at 3:30. When we got to the appointment, Nathan's temperature was back to 98.5.  The doctor took one look at Nathan and said that he wasn't exhibiting any of the clinical signs of flu.  He told us to give him Motrin if he got a fever again and then sent us on our way.  So we went home.  On my way home, I started to get achy.  And my eyes felt like they were melting out of my skull and were exiting my body through my nose.  I knew what was happening.  I was getting a fever.  A quick stop at CVS to get a new thermometer, confirmed that my temeprature was 100.7.  By the time I got home, the chills set in and I just wanted to veg on the couch.  Of course, when Nathan is sick he doesn't slow down at all.  He was in full force, "Play with meeeeeeeee!" mode.  Mom's don't take sick days.  Totally reminds me of commercial.  Ha.  

I woke up this morning and didn't have a fever.  So I left for work, while the boys slept in.  At 10:55 the text messages from J started rolling in.  Nathan woke up saying he couldn't walk.  By the time I got the text, J said Nathan had already been awake for about an hour and refused to walk.  Now, if you know Nathan you know he rarely walks.  He is always running.  And so for him to declare he didn't want to walk or run, was a bit concerning.  A call into the nurse line (because there was no way we wanted to go to another appointment after yesterday's) J was instructed to give Nathan some more Tylenol.  After talking to some other moms who had run their kiddos through a gammet of testing and doing some reading online, it sounds like he may have toxic synovitis.  Apparently it's a pretty common condition that affects children 3-8 years old and is more common in boys.  Talk about sudden!  Luckily Nathan started walking again a few hours after J gave him the Tylenol and then an emergency visit from Nana and Poppy got him excited and he was running (with a limp) to the front door.  Hopefully I will get to feeling normal again and resume my regular blogging.  :)  Stay well friends!

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