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So if you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen me post a few pictures of my Jamberry Nail wraps before Christmas.  Now that the dust is finally settling after the holidays Nathan is back on somewhat of a routine and I've recovered from Sickpocolypse 2015, I thought I would write a review of my experience with JamberryWraps.

So let me start from the beginning.  Before Christmas, my lovely friend Daria asked if anybody would be interested in wearing Jamberry Wraps and then taking a picture of the wraps for five days.  I went a step further and decided to write a review.  :) 

Daria sent me the Jamberry Signature wrap, containing 10 wraps.  She also sent along a sheet with five accent nail wraps, a cuticle pusher and a nail file. 

So while Nathan played with J in his room, ya know, since no mommy's are allowed in there these days, I set to work on applying the nail wraps.  The instructions were simple enough.

Step 1.  Clean nails with nail polish remover or alcohol.  That was easy to do since Daria sent a little alcohol wipe with my kit.

Step 2.  Cut and file nails to desired length and shape.

Step 3.  Buff top of the nail, clean once more with nail polish remover or alcohol, and push back cuticle.

Step 4.  Match nail (finger or toe) to the nail shield that best fits.  This step was probably the most tedious but that's because I have freakishly tiny fingers and therefore, I have freakishly tiny fingernails.  One sheet of wraps will probably last me four mainicures because I managed to do a whole hand with one nail shield.  

Step 5.  Peel of nail shield and warm with a blow-dryer 10-15 seconds or until soft and flexible.  Easy enough.  They're sticky like tape.  If you don't position them correctly, no need to panic.  You can pull them off.  They won't bond until you reheat and apply pressure again at the end of the process.  I had to reposition a few shields several times.  

Step 6.  When warm, press the shield onto the nail.  Apply firm pressure around edges to adhere the shield to the nail.  Use rubber cuticle pusher to seal the shield around the cuticle.  It was advised that I trim the shield to be a little smaller than my nail.  Once I applied the shield to my nail, I started in the middle of the nail and started pushing outward with the cuticle pusher that Daria had sent me.  I won't lie.  The first few took some figuring out but once I got the hang of it, the rest of them were a piece of cake.  

Step 7.  Trim the top with scissors and file off remaining shield using a downward motion to remove excess.  I thought that filing the shield would make it super jagged but they were as smooth as my nail.  I never had any issues with jagged edges catching or snagging anything.  f

Step 8.  Apply heat and pressure to the shield again until it is sealed to the nail and you're done!

Here are the pictures of how mine turned out.  Please excuse my very dry, 60 year old lady hands.  I think I need to moisturize more..  Ha.  Or stop washing my hands so much.  

Day 1

Day 2.  The wraps held up great against my OCD hand washing and Playdoh time with Nathan. Since Daria is a ballerina, I thought she'd appreciate my tutu cup.  

On Day 3, I noticed that part of my thumb nail was starting to bubble.  That's because I didn't cut it close enough to my nail and it was hanging over my finger at that point.  This was the first nail I did so, it was my problem nail the whole time I had the shields on.  I think I did finally go and trim that bubble piece off.  Problem solved.  
Day 4

I love the way my nails look when I've painted them.  But Nathan being a demanding little guy, I don't ever seem to have enough time to apply nail polish.  Let alone let it dry.  So then I just have a messy manicure.  I love that with Jamberry wraps I can apply them and go.  No need to let them dry.  I may never paint my nails again.  My wraps lasted about five days.  But I think it was due to not knowing quite how to apply them at first.  The first ones to fall off were the first ones I had applied during the process.  If you are interested in trying out Jamberry, check out Daria's Jamberry page at   Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to go look at all the pretties on her page.  Should I get pink?  Should I get sparkly?  Both?  There are so many options.  It'll be hard to choose. 

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