OOTD: Sweatshirt cardigan weather

Is it a cardigan?  Is it a sweatshirt?  I don't know.  All I know is that it's comfortable.  And the perfect thing to wear on cold days with leggings.  Bossman left town to go skiing and today was a short day because our IT guru needed to take our server offline for repairs.  Which means we really can't do anything.  So might as well be comfy and ready to hop back into bed once I got home from a short day.  Or clean in preparation for our Superbowl Party.  Or go running in preparation for the Austin Half Marathon I'm running in two weeks.  Nah.  Nap sounds better.

Cardigan: Banana Republic Factory Store
Shirt: Banana Republic
Zella Live In Leggings
Flats:  JCrew Factory

Got any weekend plans?  It's supposed to be raining and cold.  Perfect Superbowl watching party weather right?  We hated our old house so we never invited people over.  Now that we're in a new house that we love, we can't wait to have people over all the time.  Although, I've got a little bit of anxiety about the number of people we're having over on Sunday.  More the merrier right?  Have a good weekend ya'll!

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