OOTD: Staycation Outfit Recaps

Happy New Year everybody!  I hope you had a great holiday with family and friends.  J and I both managed to get some time off.  My last day of work was on the 23rd and I went back today.  So I didn't post a whole lot.  It was so great to have time off with J and Nathan.  I took a week off Thanksgiving week but that time off was spent moving.  So it was great to just veg.  

I am in love with American Eagle lately.  I finally caved and tried the American Eagle Hi-Rise Jeggings and now I pretty much only take them off to wash them.  And because of that, I decided I needed a second pair.  When I ordered the first pair of jeggings, I also ordered this shirt after seeing a friend wearing it at a kiddo's birthday party.  I couldn't keep my hands off her because it just felt so silky smooth.  And so began the obsession.  It's just the right length to cover your behind when you wear it with leggings and it's a great layering piece.  I ordered two more on sale.  One in cobalt and one in fuchsia.  The order for the fuchsia one got cancelled and the blue one couldn't find me.  But I did finally get it.  I guess I need to get used to that for a while since we're in the new section of the subdivision.  More on that to come in another house post.  Ha.  I wore this outfit Christmas Eve to run errands around town.  It was crazy.  So comfortable was necessary.

Christmas Day was kind of insane.  And we were all tired because a little somebody kept waking up every three hours asking if Santa had come yet.  When he finally saw the sun coming through the bedroom blinds he declared it was daytime and wanted to go see if Santa had come.  So instead of Christmas outfits, here's a picture of Nathan with his Christmas haul.  Holy buckets.

J's parents came over and we had our first family Christmas at the new house.  I managed to cook my first turkey and not burn the place down.  Ha.  

Cardigan: Banana Republic Factory,  T-Shirt: Mossimo, AEO Hi-Rise Jeggings
This year we agreed with the in-laws that we wouldn't get each other gifts since we just bought the house and they are about to have to spend some money to repair the foundation of their house.  We were only going to buy gifts for Nathan.  But we were all sneaky and ended up breaking that rule anyway.  I got a Christmas bonus from work and ended up buying everybody a few things.  J's parents gave me a $100 gift card to the Banana Republic.  That puppy was spent by 9am the next day.  I ended up buying this cacoon cardigan.  I love it because the inside of it feels like a sweatshirt but it's a cardigan.  It's so cozy and comfy. 

 Jacket:  GAP, Shirt: JCrew Factory, AEO Hi-Rise Jeggings, 
 I usually pair my camo with black and white stripes but I decided that I wanted to try some color. I really like the combo and think this will be one of my go to weekend outfits.

Then it was New Year's and my dear friend Mary Jane invited us and a few of her other friends over to ring in the New Year.  What an amazing friend and family.  I am so glad that I am able to call her a friend and I aspire to be as amazing as her.  As always, it was hard to decide what to wear.  I had so many options.  Should I wear something sparkly?  Furry?  White?  I ended up wearing this thrifted jacquard piece. 

I'm glad it wasn't flamable.  Nathan discovered his love of sparklers and probably burned through a whole pack.  Ha.

Top: Banana Republic Factory, Ummm do I need to tell you wear the jeans are from? Take a guess.  Ha!  Pumps: Worthington
This is another piece I bought with with the $100 gift card from the in-laws.   You know that I'm all about details.  I love how this satin-y shirt looks plain on the front but then on the back there's the cool leopard pattern.  Again, another perfect butt covering shirt.  Ha. 

Bobeau Wrap Cardigan, AEO Soft & Sexy Jegging T-Shirt, AEO Hi-Rise Jeggings, Boots Tommy Hilfiger

And like many people, today I had to go back to work.  When I woke up to take Buddy out for his walk, it was 27 degrees.  TWENTY-SEVEN.  And since I didn't get a lot of sleep last night comfy and cozy was mandatory.  Anything in this outfit look familiar?  I don't even think I need to list the items.  

And that, my friends, is what I wore during my stay-cation when I wasn't in my pjs.  See ya'll tomorrow.  :)

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