OOTD: Sick days

Since I have been feeling under the weather and dealing with Nathan's health crisis over here, I haven't had a lot of time to post my outfits.  Now that we've figured out the cause of Nathan's issues I thought I would take some time to post some of this week's outfits.   

This was Monday's outfit when I realized my eyeballs were melting out of my head and running straight out of my nose.  

This was my "I feel like crap and want to be comfy" outfit.  Which later turned into my "take the kiddo to the doctor and restrain him as he got the flu swab shoved up his nose" outfit.  Just about had to use the sweater as a straight jacket.  He was not a happy little guy when they had to stick that swab up his nose.  He did end up testing positive for Flu B.  Which also explained why he was complaining about not being able to walk.  He had Myositis which is inflammation  of the muscles, is common among boys and usually occurs after an infection.  What a relief to finally know what was causing Nathan so much pain and discomfort these last couple days.  As if having the flu wasn't bad enough, to not be able to walk had to have been scary and he was getting downright frustrated.  We just have to let it run it's course.  Until then, we give him Motrin to help with the inflammation and within a couple hours of taking the Motrin he is back to walking around.  J says that Nathan was able to walk first thing this morning.  So sounds like he's already on the way to recovery.  

And after finding out yesterday that Nathan did indeed have the flu, this was my "Going to the clinic to find out if I had the flu" outfit.  Since I work in such a small office, I did not want to take any chances of getting everybody sick with the flu.  Luckily, I tested negative.  Thank goodness.  I still have some crazy headaches, a runny nose and a hacking cough but at least it's not the flu.  I guess the one plus of me and Nathan both being sick, is that he doesn't object to cuddling.  He's been crawling up in our bed by 9:30 all week and saying he's ready for bed.  So off I go to take some Dimetap and go to bed.  See ya'll tomorrow.  If I don't drown in all the snot that's coming out of my nose.  

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