OOTD: Packed and Found

This cardigan is making a triumphant return (This is the second time I've worn it this week!) after being packed away while we lived in the apartment.  We moved everything out of the apartment but I could not find this cardigan and it's twin anywhere.  I was sure I hadn't put any of our clothes in the storage unit.  But as we started emptying out our unit, there was the bin with more clothes and another box full of my A-Team shoes in them.  I was so happy about uncovering those boxes that you would have thought I just went on a shopping spree.  Lucky for J and the bank account, I didn't. 

 Shirt: Banana Republic
Boots: Tommy Hilfiger

Today the cardigan came in handy.  The high was only 37 but according to the handy, dandy Weather Channel ap, it said it fel like mid 20s all day.  So another day in a comfy sweater, jeggings and boots.  Tomorrow is supposed to colder, with a chance for rain?  Sleet?  Snow?  Not sure but thankfully it's on a Saturday and will give all three of us an excuse to hole up in the house and veg.  Ain't nobody got time or the sanity to be driving around in crappy weather.  Hope ya'll have a great weekend!

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