OOTD: Going Tribal

A few years ago, one of the Interweb Fashion Homies bought this cardigan from Urban Outfitters.  It instantly caught like wildfire among us and everybody went and bought one.  Except me. I've been kicking myself ever since for that decision.

  Staring at Stars Intarsia Knit Drapey CardiganStaring at Stars Intarsia Knit Drapey Cardigan #UrbanOutfitters--Loving this cardigan. Has a very cool southwestern feel to it. I can't decide if I like the black and white or red and orange scheme better...

And so I have been on the hunt for something similar ever since.  I finally gave up and instead settled on this scarf from Jane.  It seemed perfect since I've been kind of obsessed with scarves these days. The thing I love about scarves is that they can give a plain outfit some character without being completely overwhelming.  This is usually one of my go to Friday outfits but the scarf  gives it a different feel and look.  I just wish I discovered my love of scarves sooner. 

Scarf: Jane
Shirt: Gap
Leggings: Zella Live In Leggings
Booties: Shoemint

What do ya'll have planned for the weekend?  I plan on trying to recover from the crud of the week and snuggle with Nathan.  I've hardly gotten to see him this week.  I think the most time I got to spend with him was at the doctor's office and he started to cry when I had to leave for work this morning even though he was staying home with J.  So I think some Nathan and me time is in order.  Hope ya'll have a good weekend!

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