OOTD: Photobombed

Hope everybody had a good weekend and a good Monday.  Today, I decided try and find the best spot to take my outfit pictures at the new house.  It gets better lighting (I think?) than the old house. So I put up the tripod and started clicking away.  Nathan saw the tripod and wanted me to take his picture.

Can't argue when he's that cute.  He loves that dog so much.  He will usually stop what he's doing to go and give him a hug about every five minutes.  Poor guy was just about on the verge of tears over the weekend when Buddy ran outside when we opened the garage door.  He was worried that Buddy would run away.  Buddy doesn't usually wander far from us and follows us everywhere in the house.  He even followed us into the garage Saturday night as we tried to figure out how to install the plug onto the new dryer.  He just plopped down behind J and snored until we were finished.  

After I took the picture of him and Buddy, he wanted to be in the picture with me.  I won't complain since I don't have a whole lot of pictures of us together.  I'm so glad that he's finally asking for me to take his picture.  He'll usually ask to see the picture after I snap it.  Such a huge improvement of him wanting to be in photos instead of trying to run out of the photos.  

 photo 71d508e9-6973-4ccf-ae29-f91f6a14a23a_zps2e649006.jpg

Now if only J was home when we took this picture. Might have been useable for our Christmas card. Yes. I'm slacking. I still haven't sent out our cards. I'm pretty sure I will be sending out the Unicef ones I bought from Pier 1 as a backup plan.  If nothing else, I'm sure Nathan won't mind me taking more pictures of us.  :)

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