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Unless you've been living under a rock, you may have known that last year's (or was it the year before?) must have cold weather item was JCrews Herringbone Excursion Vest.  I loved it but there was no way I was going to pay the ridiculous JCrew price for it.  Well lucky for me, Hemline Mom had a version on Groopdealz for a much more manageable $29.99 plus $5.99 for shipping.  Now let me just say that when this one came up on Groopdealz, I had already ordered the JCrew Factory version but I had read reviews that the herringbone pattern on the vest was just that.  A printed pattern.  I'm sure the JCrew version would have been the real deal herringbone material.  When I saw the Groopdealz version I decided to cancel my JCrew Factory order and ordered this one.  If it was printed as well, at least it was half the price of the JCrew Factory version.  After waiting more than a month, it finally got delivered last week.  Of course while I was on vacation and moving.  

I'm in love with this vest.  I ordered a size small and as you can see it actually fits pretty well.  I  have other vests in XS and they are a bit baggy in back.  So I'm really happy that this one fits a little more snug.  Unlike the JCrew Factory version, this one is made with herringbone material.  I was also pleasantly surprised at how thick the vest is. Some of my other vests are on the thinner side and don't keep me very warm.  But I was able to wear this in my ice box office and stay warm.  My only complaint and being picky is that while the vest is very well stuffed, they overstuffed the collar.  So it sticks straight up and runs into the back of my neck.  Which makes me feel like I'm being strangled.  And I wonder where Nathan gets his sensory issues with his clothes from.  Plans are in the works to find my dehemmer and pull out some of the stuffing in the collar.  Hemline Mom and Groopdealz have it available again and you can get it for the same great price.  I highly recommend it.  And for this price you can get one for yourself and another for somebody as a Christmas present for the same price as the JCrew Factory version.  Happy shopping!

UPDATED:  I went to my Groopdealz account to remind myself of the name of the vendor I bought my vest from.  It was being advertised as being distributed by Hemline Mom when I ordered it.  When I looked at my account today, it says that it was from Pink Peppermint Shop.  Which may explain the color discrepency of some of the vests.  I went to Hemline Mom's Facebook page, and the once active page has gone silent since November 27th.  So I wonder if the complaints about the color is why my order was ultimately fulfilled by another vendor.  Interesting.

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  1. I ordered this same vest from the same vendor on Groopdealz. I just received mine on Thursday, but it is definitely brown and cream not black and cream. Is yours definitely herringbone or tweed?

    1. Hi Anastasia! That's such a shame about the color. I did read some reviews that there were colored threads intermixed on a few but this is the first time I've read somebody's was brown. I think the material is more of a tweed? Not sure. But I still can't complain for the price considering last year JCrew Factory was selling a version but it was only a print.

    2. I ordered one for my daughter - size small- and it was brown and cream. So I now can't track down the vendor - Hemlinemom on the tag but Pink Peppermint Shop on the package. Can't find a site for either and there wasn't paperwork sent with the package.

  2. Now I'm regretting not getting that on GD- it looks adorable on you. I'm going to need one here this winter too.



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