New House: Kitchen

Well, now that I'm pretty much done obsessing and furnishing the living room, it's time to start work on the kitchen.  First order of business is changing out the hideous pendant fixtures.  You're probably wondering why we're already changing out lights in the house when we just closed on it two weeks ago.  We knew we hated the standard pendant lights but we also hated the upgraded options that our builder offered.  So instead of wasting the money to upgrade to stuff we hated, we just stuck with the free standard fixtures and agreed that they'd have to be replaced almost immediately.  So while we were off last week, we went to the local lighting store and ordered these lights.  

I've also been frantically trying to find counter stools but have had the hardest time finding ones that would go with our neutral color palette.  In addition to trying to find stools in a kid friendly neutral (meaning it can hide all the spills that will inevitably happen over the next few years) I also wanted to make sure I avoided counter stools that were brown, cream, had nailheads and tufting since those are the colors and decorative accents of the pieces in the living room.  I know, I'm specific.   But I FINALLY found these from Target all places.  

So here is kind of how they'll look in the kitchen.

My kitchen

I can't wait to see how everything turns out and just hope that the stools work out and don't clash.  I'll post a picture once everything comes in.  Even though we already ordered our pendant lights, we may hold off on having them installed until we make up our minds on the light fixture we want to go in our dining area.  That way we can have everything installed at the same time.  So I'll at least post pictures once we get and assemble the stools.  

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