Nathan: Santa Claus is coming...

To Petco!  Our builder was having their holiday open house yesterday and we kept trying to convince Nathan to go but he kept saying no.  So with that in mind, we decided it was best not to push him to go visit Santa.  So we went to run some errands.  I needed to buy an ornament for my friend Mindy's annual ornament party and then we needed to get some dog shampoo so we could give Buddy a bath.  So I ran to go get the ornament, while J and Nathan went across the parking lot to Petco.  When I finished buying the ornament and met up with them at Petco I saw Santa.  And of course, Nathan was on the opposite end of the store.  Apparently while they were waiting for me Nathan saw Santa walking down an aisle and quickly went down another aisle to avoid him but not before Santa saw him and followed them.  He told Nathan he had something for him and pulled out a candy cane and then he told Nathan that Santa sees everything. Talk about a great way to freak out a kid.  Ha.  Nathan was so nervous that he managed to snap the candy can.  So from behind J's legs, Nathan gave Santa a wary glance every few seconds while we finished our shopping.  By the time we were ready to leave Nathan whispered to J, "Daddy do you have my list for Santa?"  "No.  But we can go up and tell him what you want."  "Okay.  But I AM NOT sitting in his lap."  J and I just looked at each other and shrugged.  Fair enough request.

And this was as close as Nathan wanted to get to Santa.  He was practically having to shout what it was that he wanted for Christmas this year because he was so far back.  I guess I wouldn't blame him after that 'Santa sees everything' comment.  I'm just glad he went and talked to Santa as opposed to dropping on the floor and rolling away from him like he did last year.  Maybe next year will be the year we get a picture of him sitting on Santa's lap.   

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