OOTD: Mama short legs

If I was a spider, I would be called Mama Short Legs.  Because I'm a mom and I've got short legs. Original.  I know.  When we moved, I threw out my very worn out Steve Madden Intyce boots in order to force myself to find some new boots.  I had a lot of things that I was looking for when looking for a replacement pair.  The shaft had to be wide enough for my calves and I needed to have a heel since I look ridiculous in flat boots.  These boots met all my criteria.  Only problem I have with them, along with most tall boots, is that they run into the back of my knees.  

I have sent back two other pairs of boots because they ran into the back of my knees and I have finally come to the realization that I will just have to find a boot that fits my other criteria and then possibly have the shaft height altered.  I do love the way these look and feel.  So I'm hoping I can either break these in a bit and they mold more to my legs or take them into a shoe cobbler to have the shaft adjusted.  Or maybe I'll hit a growth spurt.  Off to go drink some more milk.  :)

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