OOTD: Blanket weather

The winter weather finally blew in today so I decided to break out the blanket scarf.

Corduroy Blazer: Gap Factory Store (It's like a decade old ya'll)
 Shirt: Ann Taylor
 Levi's Denizen Jeans
 JCrew 'McAllister Wedge Booties
Blanket Scarf: Jane.com

I don't think I had ever even mentioned to J that they are actually referred as blanket scarves but when I showed it to him over the weekend his first reaction was, "That's a big blanket scarf."  Nathan seems to prefer my blanket scarves over his blankets as well.  At least for car rides anyway.  Last year I threw my H&M blanket scarf on him while driving him to Casa de Nana's one morning and he's been asking for it ever since.  He usually turns his nose up to all other blankets.  Well, I guess if the shoe fits, wear it.  Or in this case, if the blanket scarf is big enough, then use it to keep warm.  :-)

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  1. Found your blog through "More Pieces of Me" and just read through some posts. You have some cute outfits! And your new house is just gorgeous. :)


    1. Thanks and THANKS! The house has been a process from hell. But we're almost done! Thanks for visiting and hope you'll stick around. :)



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