New House: Let's talk furniture

Shall we?

Now that we're less than two weeks away from closing on the new house, we've been trying to decide on some new furniture for the last couple weeks.  The paint and tile are a constant that we obviously can't change at this point.  One of J's clients gave us a very gently used couch that looks similar to the one in the sets below that was only used in her family's theatre room.  The coffee table was a gift from the in-laws when we got married back in 2007.  I want to try and make the room to feel light and airy as possible withsuch a dark couch. So I plan on buying two of the ivory, bonded leather Priya armchairs from Pier 1.  Now my only hangup is which rug to get.  In an ideal world, I'd get a white rug but the fact of the matter is, Nathan and Buddy would ruin it pretty quickly.  So these are my two runner up choices.

New Living Room

As much as I love the rug in this set, I wonder if the undefined lines would clash with the splotchy nature of the tiles.  I know it's hard to determine from the one square of tile that's in the set.  The sea of tile across the floor really makes the splotchiness even out but I still wonder.

New Living Room

Now this rug I actually bought for our old house but had to return because it was too big for our space.  And at the time that time, the size I had ordered was the only size they offered.  While the color looks a little dark in the picture, it is a lighter beige that I really loved and went really well with that wall color.  I've got a bit of a confession.  That wall color swatch is actually SW Macadamia which is what we used at our old house but is really similar to the Caravan color we are using at the new house.  But even Google couldn't help me find a Caravan color swatch.  It kept finding Dodge Caravan minivans.  Hmmmm...not quite what I was looking for.  Ha.

So there you have it.  Those are the elements we have picked for our living room so far.  Which rug do you think we should pick?  We still need to find a side table to go between the two Priya chairs.  I'm thinking something gold.  With maybe  a mirror or glass top.  We will also need a entertainment center to go under J's to be purchased 60" tv.  He wants it to be as minimalist and as small as possible.  While I want it to be proportionate to the tv.  So what say blog world?  Minimalist and small or proportionate?  I think we'll just have to get everything in and decide.  Hopefully it'll be easier to decide.  

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