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Hi there!  I hope ya'll had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and those that are important to you. J and I both took this past week off to move into the new house.  It's been pretty chaotic and exhausting but the house is starting to feel like home.  Surprisingly it's been really easy to decorate the house so far.  Here's what it looks like so far.  

We put this oversized (and HEAVY!) mirror behind the kitchen island.  

Here's the view of the living room from the kitchen island.  I'm thinking about putting a round mirror over the mantel.  We've already purchased a new tv to mount onto the wall but the installer didn't have any availability until December 9th.  So in the meantime, we haven't unboxed the new one until it gets installed because Nathan likes to drive his monster trucks on the tv stand and has slammed them into the tv.  With that being said, we'll probably just slap a new coat of paint on the tv stand and use it for a little longer because as you can imagine, Nathan hasn't been too kind to it either.  Ha. Now I just need to decide on a color.     

And here's what it looks like from our bedroom entry.  The chairs are the Priya chairs from Pier 1. The couch was given to us by one of J's clients.  It used to live in her movie room but her and her decorator decided that it was time to redecorate.  I finally ordered a rug but since it isn't here yet, we had to put a blanket down on the ground.  Nathan has already chipped a tile with one of his metal monster trucks.  I'm beginning to see a pattern in how he plays.  

Behind the couch is where we will put J's grandma's dining room table.  Currently it is still in storage because it's a little too heavy for me to lift.  

That's it so far.  Off to go finish unpacking.  It's amazing how much stuff two and half people and a dog can accumulate.  We're still doing trips back to the apartment to pick up stuff.  Thank goodness our lease isn't up until January 1st.  It gives us some time to SLOWLY get everything out of there.  

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