New House: Five days!

And we'll be closing on this place!  Can't wait.  It's pretty much done so here's a walk through.  I'm walking through all the common areas and the master bathroom because the office and bedrooms are kind of hard to photograph.  Maybe they'll be easier to photograph once we have furniture in.  Or when I come back with a different lens on my camera.

This is our little backpack nook right as we walk in from the garage.  It'll be where we hang Nathan's backpack.  Which will be a huge improvement from it just landing where ever we put it here at the apartment or on the doorknob of Nathan's room.  

This is a shot from our entry way/backpack nook that shows the additional crown molding we added through the rest of the common areas.  We had to pay a little extra for that but the cost was minimal compared to some of the other things we added during this build and we thought it was worth it to complete the look in these areas.  

Our mantel finally got stained but I'm sad to report that the painter still got some stain on the stone on the underside of the mantel.  But our superintendent said they should just be able to apply a bead of caulking and cover it up.  The mantel still needs another coat of stain which will obviously get done this week before closing.

This will be our dining area right next to our kitchen and behind the living room.  We'll be putting J's great grandma's dining table in this area.  We look forward to having many family meals at the same table where four generations of his family have sat down to enjoy meals together.  

Of course, that is when we're not munching here.  At our island.  In our dream kitchen.  Every time I look at it, I hear harp music.  They were able to replace the island top with a single piece.  It looks so much better.  We're not totally in love with those pendant lights but the upgrade options that David Weekley offered just didn't appeal to us, so we stuck with the standard fixtures and will change them once we move in.  We did however, added a third pendant.   The original electrical plan only had two.  We also splurged and added the under cabinet lighting at the suggestion of one of my co-workers.  I'm so glad we took that advice.  

They moved, patched and installed a second vanity light per the electrical plans and it looks so much better now as opposed to the one fixture right in the center.  I'm so glad that we paid a little extra   upgrade the lights.  We're not huge fans of modern design.  I don't know what our design style is but I would not call it modern.  I think these light fixtures are as modern as we would ever go in this house. We also paid a little extra for the stack of drawers int he middle.  Had we not added those, we would have just had the four lower cabinets and no storage beyond the closet to the right of the vanity.  

Our bathroom is the result of watching A LOT of HGTV this summer.  We had never seen a tiled shower niche but saw them on Flip or Flop and knew we wanted to add one to our shower.  J saw a tub at the David Weekley design center that had the mosaic tile on the top and wanted that for our tub too.  I think it adds a nice little pop as opposed to finishing out the top of the tub with the tile that we used for the tub surround.  

Hope ya'll enjoyed the tour!  Can't wait to show you the place once we're all moved in and we've decorated.  

ETA:  I just realized I never took a picture of Nathan's bathroom with the fixed shower tiles.  There's a reason for that.  We had an independent inspector walk the house last Tuesday and he found that the crew had now put a vent in Nathan's bathroom.  So when we did our walk through Sunday, there were chunks of drywall in his tub and on his floor.  I will update with a picture once it has been cleaned up.

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