New House: Standstill

Well hi there!  Long time no bloggy but there hasn't been a whole lot of progress on the house to blog about.  It's pretty much a whole bunch of boring stuff like installation of light fixtures, fans and touch up painting.  

We are also going to add crown molding throughout all the common areas.  As you can see it Currently abruptly ends in our entry hallway.  

It just looked odd.  So the extra molding should improve the flow of the molding.

In funner news, our kitchen is finally done.  For now anyway.  The island top is in the process of getting remade.  Why do we need a new island top you ask?

Well, J went out to the house last week and noticed there was a seam in our island top.  We weren't anticipating a seam.  In certain angles it looks just fine.  But then he moved and realized that the color of the two pieces didn't even match.

So once again, he had to call our sales guy who confirmed that they noticed a color difference as well and were waiting to hear back from their distributor.  So we wait.  We also noticed that due to each piece being different sizes, that the pressure of the larger slab is preventing some of the drawers in the island from opening.  I think we could have lived with the island top if the two pieces matched but the fact that they don't and it seems to be putting pressure on the cabinets means yet another natural stone is going to have to be ripped out of our house.  We have communicated with them numerous times that we would like to be involved in the selection (if possible) of items going in or at least being able to approve items before they are installed to prevent having to turn our new build into a complete reno project.  

So we wait.  While we wait, we have been given a closing date.  On November 14th, one month from today, we will be the owners of our new house.  The anticipation is killing me.  Can't wait to finally move in and leave this tiny apartment.

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