New House: Redo

So yesterday demo and installation of our second batch of backsplash tile started and by the time I got to the house to check on progress it was complete.  It looks SOOOO much better than it did with the previous round of tile.  Now I feel that everything ties in together.  Backsplash tile, floor tile, wall color and surprisingly the granite countertops.  As I was hoping, it looks a lot less green than it did with the last batch of tile.  Plus they also removed the blue plastic wrap which may have been contributing to the green granite that we were seeing before.  

Overhead lighting and under cabinet lighting might have helped with that too.  

While we were redoing stuff at the house, we also had to have the builder redo the tile in Nathan's bathroom to get it laid straight instead of diagonal.  They finished that up today as well.  

Next up...I think they'll start redoing our fireplace tomorrow.  The new stone was dropped off and sitting outside the house when I pulled up today.  I am a little nervous because there are some rust-ish pieces in the pile.  So hopefully they have enough foresight to know not to use those pieces on our fireplace.  Buuuuut...just in case we'll probably still send them an e-mail to drive the point home. Once the fireplace is reinstalled I think we can breathe much easier because we won't have to worry about variables that can go wrong.  After this I think all that's left is installation of carpet, wood floors in the office, appliance delivery and installation and a couple more coats of paint on the interior and exterior.  Next week we're supposed to get a final official closing date.  Woo hoo!

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