OOTD: Remix and recent purchases

Are you guys sick of seeing this shirt?  It's like my little black dress.  It's something that I throw on with just about any skirt and voila.  Outfit done and I'm ready to walk out the door.  

Everything is old as dirt but I love both of these pieces and am trying to get more wear out of my current wardrobe.  Remixing my current items always makes me fall in love with everything all over again.  

As much fun as I'm having remixing my current pieces, I managed to do a little shopping today.  My co-worker and I had to go to the Apple Store to get her battery fixed.  While she worked with the geniuses, I ran next door to Banana Republic to check out what they had on sale.  All sale items were an additional 50% the ticketed price.  I managed to find both pieces that Veronika bought over Labor Day weekend for 40%.

Sorry in advance for the crummy pictures.  Just realized that I need to dust my mirror.  Tonight will be the perfect night for that since there's a torrential downpour going on right now.  

I was a little apprehensive about this shirt because plaids usually make me look boxy but I was pleasantly surprised that this simple black and white plaid didn't do that.  This will be a great layering piece in the winter and I already have plans to wear it with my JCrew Factory Herringbone puffer vest.  Whenever it arrives of course because the dang thing is backordered until October.  *grumble grumble*  Not that I *need* a vest right now since the temps are still in the 90s but just in case we get another freak cold front like we did this past weekend, I like having options.  :)

I also got this shirt.  It is a size S but I'm wondering how a size XS would have fit because this felt a tad big on me but they store I went to didn't have it in an XS.  I checked online to see if any of the other locations had an XS and luckily another location had an XS so we'll see how that one fits.   

Two weeks ago I posted about some online purchases from Old Navy.  I finally got them today and here's what I'm keeping.  

A peplum top because CLEARLY I need more peplum in my life.  In my defense, I didn't have a black one and as often as I wear black I thought this was a duh purchase. 

This is the girls camo vest that Hannah posted about a few weeks ago.  I ordered it in three sizes because people think I'm smaller than I am.  I ordered in XL, L and a M.  I decided that I felt more comfortable in the XL.  It gave me some extra room to move and I can zip it up which I could not comfortably do with the smaller sizes.  Can't wait for it to cool down so I can wear it.

Have ya'll bought anything recently?  I probably won't buy anything else until it gets super cold and I need new sweaters and boots.  I also did the math on how many miles I've run in my current running shoes and I've run 276 miles.  I guess that explains why my ankles and hips hurt.  So new running shoes are the next thing on my list for now.  Especially now that I've decided to try and do the Austin Marathon in February.  Off to go look at running shoes.  Hope ya'll are staying dry in Internet land.

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