OOTD: Minty

Wearing repeats gets boring after a while and results in me wanting to do some shopping.  So in order to prevent any shopping, I decided to try and change up some of my repeats by wearing some of my rarely worn shoes.  So yesterday and today, I pulled out my mint flats.  I love how they give these repeat outfits a pop of color.

Blaze the Dragon says HI!  Tee hee.  Nathan has rediscovered all his stuffed animals and has turned our bed into a zoo.  He has to have all of his 'friends' in bed with him.  We're planning to evict him to his own room and bed once the new house is built.  After all, he is getting two rooms.  He has also decided to become our interior decorator.  He thought we needed something over the bed, so he put some flags over the headboard.

Again, the mint was a great pop of color for this very neutral outfit.  I usually wear my Ravesh pumps with this outfit but wearing these flats was a nice change up.  Shopping crisis averted.  At least for now.  :-)

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