OOTD: Confession

Whoops.  Just realized I still haven't cleaned the mirror.  So today's post is a bit of a confession.  I'm Di and I have a camo problem.  I was worried that I'd look like I hunted but surprisingly, I'm not really a fan of meat.  Maybe I could just say I'm a hunter for deals.  I gotta sneak up and pounce when I find one.  And no dead fuzzy and blood to deal with.  That is unless I pull out somebody's extensions out and scratch their eyeballs out to get to said deal.  Rawr.  When I went out to the walk the dog this morning it was 62 degrees.  SIXTY-TWOOOOOO.  So a bit chilly for me.  So out came my new Old Navy camo vest.  Remember how I said I ordered it in the three sizes: medium, large and extra-large.  Well, I'm not as small as my fashion homies think and ended up needing the XL.  

I've ordered two new vests to add to my collection this year.  They are the perfect piece to wear to keep warm without having a huge and hot bulky jacket.  I usually have to strip the jacket off as soon as I go inside and carry it around as I'm chasing Nathan around.  So vests keep me warm enough without needing to take off the layer.  My vest collection may soon outnumber my coat collection which at this moment sits at 13.  I'm almost halfway there with my vests.  Ha.  

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