OOTD: Change Up

This dress may look familiar.  That's because it's old as dirt and one of my most worn items.  I've had it since before Nathan was walking.  I have a hard time trying to remix this dress but given that I only got a few hours of sleep last night, I didn't want to put a whole lot of thought into my outfit.  So I reached for this old favorite.   

Dress: LOFT: Sandals: Nine West, Necklaces: Erin's Earrings

I usually wear this dress with my Ravesh pumps but they've been at the shoe repair shop for the last couple months.  I just haven't had the time to go and pick them up.  As much as I love and miss them, it has been nice to wear some of my other shoes for a change.  But don't worry.  I have plans to go pick up my Ravesh pumps tomorrow during lunch.  So get ready to see those puppies back in high rotation.  :-)

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