New House: Tile and Paint

So after a week of what felt like very little (or boring) progress, we ran up to the house on Friday to see if the walls had been painted and the tile started like our builder had scheduled.  Well when we got there, this is what we found.  

Since we weren't sure when the tile was laid we decided it was probably to come back on Saturday to give the mortar some time to dry.  So come Saturday I was just salivating to go take a closer look at the house.  

They got the kitchen and living room done but the hallway and bathrooms still need to be done.  Our walls are painted.  I was really having second thoughts about the tile because it did have a orange/yellow speckles to it but once it was laid out over such a large area, you really couldn't see it. The paint color kind of neutralizes the speckles as well.  

And we were relieved to see that they fixed the island cabinets.  Now our concern is, where is the wall to the other side of the island?  I guess our next visit probably won't be until Wednesday or Thursday because I'm assuming they're going to finish the tiling tomorrow.  So no real point in checking it out.  This week, the countertops are supposed to get measured (or is it installed?).  Can't wait.  I can almost see the end.

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