New House: Kitchen Woes

Our granite and backsplash were installed this week.  But this step is the hugest headache of this build.  Instead of being happy about the recent progress, J and I will more than likely have to go back to the design center to choose a different tile.

This is what we were shown at the design center.  It's a creamy travertine tile and we hoped it would offset some of the green that we were seeing in the slabs at the design center and some of the already constructed houses.  We had accepted that fact and were trying to design the kitchen to account for that. 

But this is what was on our wall.  

Surprisingly it goes really well with the floor we chose but some of the pieces look a bit salmon. Some are gray.  And others are brown.  Very few of them are the creamy white that we thought we were getting.  When we chose the stone, we were forewarned that since travertine is a natural stone there could potentially be some variations in shade and color.  We were shown a wall with the same tile and while there was some variation, it was nowhere near as drastic of variations as our stone has. All the different shades in our stone accentuate the green tinge in our slab.  And so everything now clashes.  

Just as a reference, here is a picture of a kitchen I found on and is what we had envisioned our kitchen would look like.  Same darkish color cabinets.  Same granite.  Only the backsplash tiles would be in the herringbone pattern.  

But as you can see, what is on our wall isn't even close.  It's kind of heartbreaking to have to scrap our original vision for our kitchen.  Even if our builder were to get another batch of tiles to redo the backsplash, I'm afraid we'd run into the same problem. So just to be safe, we think we're going to switch to a uniform ivory glass subway tile instead.  We think that straight white would look too jarring with the dark cabinets and the granite countertop we chose.  So hopefully an ivory will look okay.  I'm a little worried that they might look dirty.  The headache never ends.  Pass me some Aleeve and a bottle of tequila.  

In better news, the tile surrounds for our tub and shower have been installed.  Yay!

Except the surround for Nathan's bathtub was installed diagonal.  That was our original plan but once framing went up we went back to the design center and changed it back to straight.  So the builder will have to fix that.  During Tuesday's weekly construction call we were also given a VERY tentative closing date of November 15th.  Whoa!  But that conversation happened before we saw the pictures of the backsplash.  So I'm predicting we'll be done by the beginning of December.  Our builder has already told us that just the tub surround will delay him a week.  I can't imagine how much of a delay it will be if we have to choose a new backsplash and have it installed.  We'll just have to wait and see.  

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