New House: Interior Walls and another hiccup

Today we went to the house not knowing what to expect.  I had stopped by on Friday just to time how long it would take me to get 'home' from work.  When I got to the house, I realized they had started to install the drywall on the ceiling and the upper portions of the wall.  We weren't sure if the crews were going to be working today being that today was Labor Day.  But when we got to the house today, we were shocked to see that the rest of the walls were up.  

This is the office with the tray ceiling.   

This is the hallway to the laundry room, Nathan's bathroom and both of his rooms.  

The view from the kitchen into the living room.  

The view of the kitchen from the dining area.  
The master bedroom.  
They finally re-flipped the tub so we won't be sitting on the drain.  Ha.  

As excited as we were about the recent progress, we did notice a problem.  We planned to have white stone on the bottom portion of the exterior of the house.  But as we looked at the stone today, we noticed that the whole front porch area looked really yellow and orange compared to the stone that was used on the garage portion.  So J's already sent an e-mail to our builder and our sales consultant.  We'll see what they can do about this issue.  

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