New House: Completed Masonry

We hadn't been by the house since Monday night to take more pictures of the yellow stone on the front of the house.  So we figured that we'd go and check on the progress tonight.  It's starting to look like the house that we loved.  As a refresher, here's a picture of the house we fell in love with.  

And here's what the house looked like tonight.  

We are SO glad that we are paying a little extra in order to get the entry arch done in stone vs. all brick like it was originally supposed to be.  I think it would have looked so...blah had we not switched it to stone.  We also made sure to reiterate to our builder that we wanted the stone to continue into the entry walkway.  The original plan had it only on the columns and then brick went all the way to the door.  As I mentioned in yesterday's post, the builder said that the stone will be acid washed and that process should get rid of some of the yellowness on our stone.  So hopefully that step is sooner rather than later.  But I will say, now that the rest of the brick and stone is up, it does look less yellow.  Maybe the yellow/orange coloring we saw over the weekend was an optical illusion.  

Drywall is up on the interior and our builder is saying that it should be complete by the end of next week.  Can't wait to see everything textured and painted.  They're giving us a move in date between December 1st to December 12th barring any more adjustments/changes by us.  Just in time for Christmas.  Which is perfect because Nathan is already asking how Santa will come to our apartment since we lack a chimney.  I told him that we wouldn't be at this apartment for Christmas and that Santa will come to the new house.  We will have a fireplace but it's only a gas fireplace and so it's really not a true functioning fireplace.  But he doesn't have to know that.  Ha.  

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