New House: And then there was light...fixtures

Since we've run into a few issues at the house I don't know why I bothered going out to check it out today.  But on the other hand, if I didn't I was afraid we'd notice something wrong in three days.  So I drove what's going to soon be my new rush hour commute to go and see what the latest was at the house.  This week, besides the granite, backsplash and fireplace surround being installed, our garage doors were installed.  Originally we didn't order the garage doors with windows or hardware but that's what showed up.  After looking at the house with the windows and hardware we decided to keep them.  It's a win win because it's upgrade for us and apparently it was hard for the builder to override their ordering system and order the doors without the windows and hardware.  Plus we felt that that side of the house needed some added character and the windows and hardware seem to do just that.  

In addition to the garage doors being delivered, it looks like all our light fixtures have been installed.  Our builder had an issue trying to get our fourth coach light on the exterior.  The system kept wanting to order the standard light fixture which we did not opt to use.  

The original plans for the kitchen lighting only had two pendant lights but we felt that the island was so big and warranted a third one.  Plus I've been told that three aesthetically looks better.  Rule of threes.  No idea.  The pendants they include in the build are not going to stay very long.  We plan on replacing them almost immediately after move-in.  We also didn't want to pay more for fixtures that we just didn't love.  

All our bathroom lights were installed as well.  We did do an upgrade for our bathroom lights.  Now that I see our master bathroom, I'm thinking we should have gotten an extra fixture.  One above each sink.  Something I didn't think about until I went to see the house today.  Whoops.  Ya build.  Ya learn.  Although we are never building ever again.  The stress of this build will kill me one way or the other.  

In other news, our builder contacted us about our backsplash.  They showed their distributor a picture of our backsplash and they agreed and said that they did send out a darker batch for our house.  It wasn't intended obviously but it is noticeable.  So they are going above and beyond to try and fix the issue.  We were told that their representative was going to go to the design center to look at the sample we were shown and then the rep would go back to their facility and make sure that they find the lightest batch they can.  Then once they have found that lighter batch, they will remove our current backsplash and replace it at their expense.  That's amazing customer service.  I don't know who the distributor is but I will be sending them a huge THANK YOU once it is completed.  I'm cautiously optimistic that it will look the way we want it to.  So here's hoping that this time it looks good.  

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