OOTD: Wet Pants

As I've said before, I've never been a fan of pants because they never fit right.  And I especially hate wet pants.  I hate wearing pants when it's raining outside because I inevitably get drenched.  And then it takes me all dry to dry off.  And then I freeze my tookis off.  Well, today being Friday and I'll I decided to wear jeans.  And wouldn't you know, the sky opened up and it was pouring on my way into the office.  It let up enough for me to take today's picture.  

Shirt: Express (OLD), Joe's 'Gigi' Crops, Prabal Gurung for Target booties

Again, another simple outfit that I decided to let the shoes and my lipstick be the focal point.  I live in heels and I love how shoes can completely change the feel of an outfit.  Had I worn flats or sandals I would have felt kind of blah and more casual Friday.  But with heels, I feel like I can go straight to happy hour after work.  No happy hour planned tonight but I will be celebrating a friend's birthday and checking out her new McMansion.    :-)  Hope ya'll have a great three day weekend!  

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