New House: Small Hiccups

So yesterday we went and drove by the house.  Whoa.  What a huge difference!  

We were super excited but then as we were getting into the car to continue onto date night we stopped to take one final look and's not the right elevation!  Cue freak out.

This is the house we originally fell in love with.  THIS was the house we told our builder we wanted to clone minus the front porch extension.

But this apparently is the elevation we are building.  The elevation we fell in love with was never offered in the subdivision we're building in.  While we're not totally in love with the look of it, it's still workable.  It doesn't have the same visual appeal as the one we loved but we are making some modifications to get it to look similar.  For starters, we are subbing out the brick on the entry arch for stone to look like original house.  I think that's what gave that house the visual pop.  We're also debating on if we should eliminate the dormer (little window) on top of the roof since we've been told it is only a cosmetic element.  But if we do that we are afraid that is a huge sea of shingle and the dormer breaks it up.  We're not in love with the flattening of the roofline over the garage on this elevation but it is what it is.  We've just got to wrap our minds around this new information because this whole time we've had the mental image of the other house burned in our mind.  

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