New House: Pre-Drywall Meeting

It's been a while since I've posted an update on the house.  There has been progress but a lot of it has been pretty boring.  The exterior foam was put on and the wiring, plumbing and windows have all been installed.  Once all those steps were complete it was time for the pre-drywall meeting.  Which was today.  J handled that and we hired the inspector that TORE our house apart when we sold it.  When you're building a new house you think, what could possibly go wrong?  Well apparently lots.  As we've watched the wiring go in, we've noticed that a few outlets weren't where they were supposed to be according to the electrical plan.  And then today, during the pre-drywall meeting they found that there were three extra outlets in the garage that weren't on the electrical plan at all.  So, if you're not familiar with what to look for, it can be a daunting process and experience.  Overall the inspector didn't find too many issues with the build.  He even told J when we contacted him at the beginning of the build process that David Weekley is usually one of the better builders and he usually doesn't find that many issues.  The cost of the inspector was a little pricey but totally worth to have piece of mind knowing that our house didn't have any issues.  We will more than likely have him come back out once everything is done before closing.


The roof is still being shingled.  They got started on it later than expected and we were hoping it would be done by our pre-drywall meeting today but the inspector said that all he really needed to see was the flashing which was there and got the thumbs up from the inspector.  

Nathan's play area in any house, whether it was our old house, Casa de Nana's or our apartment is the living room.  No need for actual walls.  He knows where the living room will be.  :-)  He's already set up shop and knows where to play.  Behind him is the frame for the fireplace.

And a week later...the duct work and gas lines for the gas fire place were installed.  We were a little bummed that it wan't a functioning fireplace.  Meaning we can't burn wood in it even after we ignite it with the gas.  Guess we won't be making indoor s'mores.  But J was adamant that he wanted a fireplace even if it wasn't functional.  

 I'm sure this needs no explanation.  The frame for the tub is behind it and will be tiled.

See ya'll next time!

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