New House: Exterior Updates

It felt like it was a while since we had any real progress on the house but when we stopped by to check on the house today we really just wanted to check to see if the roof was done being shingled.  Which, I'm happy to report it is finally complete!  Yay we have a complete roof!

But as we pulled up to the house, we realized they had also started putting up brick on one side of the house.   

And we realized that they started painting the exterior trim and the bead board of our porch.  

Once we got over the initial excitement of the exterior we moved inside to find that they started insulating the house.  What a difference the insulation and a shingled roof makes in keeping the house cool.  It felt 10 degrees cooler than it did without those things.  

They also installed our fireplace and gas log.  

They also installed the tub.  

Apparently during the pre-drywall meeting on Tuesday, J pointed out that the shower niche wasn't centered where we wanted it.  Our superintendent told us they couldn't do it the way we wanted it. But our design center consultant never told us that would be an issue.  Call me a diva but the design of our nice with the mosaic tile band running through it requires the nice to be centered.  So the superintendent had to have the wall and niche rebuilt.  

Drywall is scheduled to go up on Tuesday.  It'll be crazy to see walls up and not see the bones of the house anymore but I'm so ready to get to that stage.  Mainly because I'm ready to get out of this apartment and get some sleep.  I'm the lightest sleeper ever and we have the noisiest upstairs neighbors.  So as you can imagine, those don't go together very well.  I'm so ready for this house to be done.  108 more days.  Or at least that's what I'm telling myself.  And if it's done sooner, that's even better.  We'll see.  

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