Review: Lululemon Dart and Dash Shorts

Today's outfit was a repeat.  So I didn't really feel the need to repost it.  But I did order some new stuff.  Occasionally I browse Lululemon's We Made Too Much section.  Now that it's so hot out I've been on the lookout for shorts and running tank tops.  The only shorts I saw were the Dart and Dash shorts.  Hmmm...interesting.  A year ago I would have never thought about buying tight-ish shorts.  But after buying my first pair of Wunder Under tights last year from Lululemon last year I am a believer in the Lululemon line and products.  My only issue was that I normally wear a size 4 in their Speed Shorts and all they had were size 2s.  But after reading reviews, one of which was from somebody who was 136 pounds and wearing a size 4, I went ahead and ordered the size 2.  At the time I ordered them they were being offered in Flowabunga print and black.  Guess which print I ordered.  :-)   

I'm glad I got the size 2s.  They suck and lift everywhere that needs to be sucked and lifted.  My only issue is that since I do have larger thighs, they do kind of dig in but not horribly noticeable.  

I also love that these shorts have pockets on both sides of the shorts that are big enough to fit a phone.  

I was nervous about running with my phone in the pocket but the shorts and my phone stayed put during my 2.25 mile run today but my phone stayed put the whole run.  I wish Lululemon would put these pockets on their Wunder Under Crops and Leggings.  I hate the bulk of having to wear a Spibelt or my Flipbelt and neither ever stays put.  
Overall I like these shorts and I don't understand why I've never seen them before but judging from the reviews it seems they were a limited run item.  I wish Lululemon would bring them back.  And in more prints or at least more colors.  So if you're looking for some new running shorts and happen to be a size 2, Lululemon still has some available in their We Made Too Much section.  I will be checking back frequently to see if they ever pop up in their regular shop.  If they do I will be sure to let ya'll know.

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