OOTD: Summer hours

Nathan and J have been on a summer schedule and have been going to bed at 1AM every night this week.  That means I've been lucky to get six hours of solid sleep.  For some people that may be enough.  But for me, that's just crazy talk and by the end of the day I start to talk a little crazy.  If we have another 1AM night I think I might lose it.  So as you all may or may not know, my maxi is the closest thing to pj's that I will wear out of the house.  It's so comfy.  So it was a maxi skirt kind of day.  

T-Shirt: Old Navy (similar here), Maxi Skirt: Warehouse via ASOS

Now off to the park to run off some of Nathan's excess summer energy in hopes that he'll go to sleep earlier than midnight.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I can get him to bed by 10 but I'm not very optimistic since he didn't wake up until noon.  School ended in May and first day of summer he turned into a teenager.  What in the world?

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