OOTD: Ho Ho Ho

Oh wait.  It's only July.  But anytime I wear black and red together I always feel like Santa Claus. 

Shirt: Old Navy (old), JCrew Factory 'Winnie' Pants, Shoes: Report

I guess it just means I need to buy pants in other colors.  I'm thinking white.  Although I've been kind of obsessed with cobalt.  I just haven't had time to look for anything.  First World Problems.

I may not have time to go and look for pants but I did manage to run to Lens Crafters on my way home to look for some new sunglasses.  The polarized coating on my current pair is starting peel off so I think it's finally time to get new sunglasses.  I ended up picking this Coach pair.

They kind of remind me of a pair that I left in a dressing room at JCP last year.  I was so mad at myself when I realized I left them too.  But on the bright side, those weren't prescription and at least now I have pair I can see with.  Ha.

I REALLY LOVED this Tory Burch pair but they were significantly pricier and considering I'm pretty accident prone and I have a tendency to lose my sunglasses,I would die if I spent the money on these and lost them.  DIE.  I am honestly surprised that I haven't lost my current pair the three years I've had them.

Both choices really surprised me.  Because when I've tried on frames from both lines in the past they didn't fit me.  Actually they didn't meet my crazy cheek test.  Since I have a round face, I can't stand it when the frames sit on my cheeks.  So both of these passed the cheek test.  I can't wait to go pick them up tomorrow.  We're hoping to have a low key weekend so I can try and rest and recover from whatever this gunk I caught this week.  Hope ya'll have a good weekend!

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