Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

If you haven't heard, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale started today.  That's if you don't have a Nordstrom card.  If you do, then you probably already did your shopping last week and I have been drooling over your purchases.  I'm looking at you Carylee!

I guess you can guess which team I'm on.  Team no Nordstrom card.  Yay team!  Since I'm trying to be more mindful about my purchases these days, I pretty much already knew what I wanted to get.  I knew that I needed to get new boots.  I threw away my trusty old Intyce boots when we moved because I had tried to renew them the last two years.  And by the end of last winter they just looked too worn out.  People have always raved about the quality and longevity of Frye boots so I went ahead and ordered the Frye 'Phillip' Riding Boot.

Well I thought I knew what I wanted.  But then I found the Steve Madden 'Carrter' Knee High Leather Boot.

Heel?  Love.  Cognac?  Yes please!  And they're $100 cheaper than the Frye's.  Wow.  This is a hard decision.  So I went ahead and ordered them too.  One of them will be going back.  Deciding which one to send back will be a challenge.  And since I was putting in a second order I went ahead and ordered some Zella 'Live In' Reversible Leggings.  

I love my Lululemon leggings but couldn't stand the price tag.  As of today there were 1,080 positive reviews.  With that many positive reviews they have to be good right?  So I figured that for a fraction of the price they were worth trying out.  So that's all the damage I did this year.  Nothing too exciting.  Did ya'll buy anything from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?  I'd love to hear about your purchases.  

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