New House: Pour it on!

If you're a Mater fan like Nathan is, you may recognize that quote from Monster Truck Mater.  He's very much into monster trucks these days.  Ha.

Progress on the house is picking up.  Last week they laid the rough plumbing and got it inspected.  I guess it passed because yesterday they poured the foundation.

Next step will be framing.   We drove around with our sales consultant after our pre construction meeting a few weeks ago and he showed us a few houses that were almost done being framed after just being poured the day before.  So I imagine that by the end of this weekend we will see some singificant vertical progress.  It's insane that this is finally happening.  

In other new neighborhood news, the lots around us are selling like hot cakes.  We're seeing sold signs popping up on the on all the lots around us.  So nosey me is already excited and curious to see who our new neighbors will be.  I'm like a kid waiting for Christmas ya'll.  Literally.  This build is supposed to be done by mid December,  just in time for Christmas.  Yep.  Kid waiting for Christmas.  

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