New House: Framing

Last Wednesday framing began on the house.  This was what it looked like by Saturday.
This is the front view.  

 Nathan and J walking through the dining area to the backdoor.  

Nathan's standing in ONE of his rooms.  Yep.  He'll have a bedroom and then another room just for his toys.   He's not spoiled AT ALL.  :-)

 Heading into the master bedroom.  :-)

This is the side view of the house.  And to the right is the back patio.  Nathan loves hanging outside and so we opted to splurge for the extended living patio which will include two ceiling fans which will hopefully help keep us cooler during the hot Texas summers.  It did cut into our yard a bit but hopefully we'll still have some yard to put in a playscape for Nathan.  Otherwise we're in trouble since we kind of had to sell his old one with the old house with the promise that we'd get him a new one once we moved into the new house. 

Seeing all the recent progress is super exciting and I can't wait to see the progress this next week will bring.  

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