OOTD: Tulle on Tuesday

Hello there!  We've been slowly trying to adjust to apartment living for the last couple of weeks.   Ideally we would have liked to rented a house but we could not find a house that would let us do anything less than a year lease.   Since David Weekley is estimating our house is going to be done in seven months a year lease would have been too long.   So we've been moving stuff in.  Unpacking stuff.  Trying to make the place feel somewhat homey even though we've been counting down the days until we move out since the day we signed our lease. Adjusting has been challenging.  Nathan hasn't accepted the place as home. He understands that we sold our old house and that we can't go back but he refers to the apartment as just that.  The apartment.  We try to get out as much as possible because we go stir crazy just sitting in there. 

I'm a light sleeper and am having a hard time sleeping.  I get my normal seven hours of sleep but it's not restful.  I feel more tired when I wake up than when I did when I went to sleep.  It doesn't help that we have noisy neighbors above us.  If I wasn't such a chicken shit I would ask them to keep it down, especially late at night since sometimes their noise keeps Nathan awake, but I am so non-confrontational.  So I guess we'll have to keep living with the noise.  Or sleeping pills will be my best friend for the next 6 months.

On top of that, thanks to my Topomax I've lost my appetite.  Actually it's kind of hard to explain.  I'm still hungry.  But for some reason I get full quicker.  And everything tastes funny.  Which I have been told is a pretty common side effect so then it makes you not want to eat.  So far I've lost about five pounds.  I didn't really need or want to lose weight.  So I'm hoping I don't lose anymore.  We'll see. 
J's not excited about apartment living either.  But he's always been better at adapting to things than me. I've always been a ball of nerves and stress out very easily.  I feel so frazzled.  I guess it's understandable that we're not used to apartment living.  The last time we lived in an apartment was nine years ago when we were still in our 20s.  We were younger.  A little more forgiving.  Heavier sleepers. But now I'm older, crabbier, a lighter sleeper and now we have a four year old we have to think about as well.

I think Buddy loves the apartment the most because he gets to stay inside all day long and be a lazy slug.  He becomes lazier and lazier with each passing day.  My dream of him being my running buddy is slowly fading.  Against my better judgement, I tried to take him for a run with me this morning after he took care of business and he wouldn't move.  He tried to drag me back to the apartment.  So I guess his days of running with me are over.  I guess I'll just have to take him back to the apartment after he takes care of business and then I'll have to go for a run after that.      
Now that we're semi moved into the apartment, that means most of my clothes and shoes (minus one rogue box of shoes that I can't seem to find) are back.  Woo hoo!  It feels like I have a whole new wardrobe without having to spend any money.  Ha.  Which is good since I shouldn't be spending any money.  All money should be going towards the new house.

Today I decided that I needed to wear some tulle.  I usually try and limit tulle to Fridays, date nights or the weekend but I decided that crappy apartment living called for drastic measures to get me out of my frazzled funk.  Ha.  So instead of Two for Tuesday today it's Tulle for Tuesday.  :)

Top: Forever 21, Ivory Tulle Skirt: L'Mae Boutique, Steve Madden 'Ravesh' Pumps

Hopefully be able to blog my outfits regularly again. Off to go walk the dog before J and Nathan get home.  Toodles!  

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