OOTD: Rough week

We closed on the sale of our house last Friday.  J and I went on with our with our lives thinking our funds had wired into our account.  Come Monday we checked our account and found we still had not gotten our money.  So as soon as I got to the office I e-mailed the title company asking for the wiring confirmation number.  Jason went to their office and was ignored.  Nobody ever responded.  At the end of the day we finally were told that they had wired our funds into somebody else's account.  We went ballistic.  By Tuesday morning we were being told that they were having trouble recalling the original wire.  Ummm...that's not our problem.  However, our problem was that we still didn't have our money.  Handle the recall on your own time and sanity.  I didn't care if the title company needed to wire the money out of their own company account or if the owner of said title company needed to cut me a check out of his own personal account since it was his name on the sign outside, who by the way was the one closed our deal.  But by 1 o'clock on Tuesday, the funds FINALLY hit our account.  Needless to say, I have been a little preoccupied.  In addition to having to deal with all that chaos, we've been packing and trying to slowly move stuff over to the apartment during the week.  Here's yesterday's outfit.  

In somewhat good news, all this stress kind of tested my new migraine meds.  I didn't once get a headache during this whole ordeal.  I didn't even have to reach for the Aleeve.  I can guaranty you that had I not been on these meds during all of this bs'ery that I would have died.  Ha.  Okay.  Now Off to go finish packing.  And moving.  And packing some more.  Does it ever end?  

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