Moving: Blood, Sweat, Tears and Flashlights

Well this past weekend was moving weekend.  If we ever think about doing this again, please, please talk me out of it.  But hopefully after this experience we have learned our lesson.  And what lesson would that be?  HIRE PEOPLE TO DO EVERYTHING!!!!  With two 4 years old's, one of the human kind and one of the canine kind, it's kind of difficult to get anything accomplished moving wise. Both of them needed entertaining.  Which meant one of us was doing all the moving.  Solo.  We did have movers move the furniture.  But as far as the kitchen stuff, small bathroom stuff and the other small knick knacks that you think won't take forever to move...well...guess what...that crap took us two days to move.  Yep.  When the new house is done, we are having movers move everything.  You reading that J?  EVERYTHING.  I'm not moving a thing.  Except maybe my purses.  And my shoes.  Maybe.  I guess the upside to when we move into the new house, it'll at least be in the winter time and it won't be 100 degrees outside and our faces won't be melting off.

Saturday morning I woke up before the boys did and made a few trips back and forth to the house to do some light packing.  Then when J woke up we switched.  I was unpacking some stuff in Nathan's room when I smacked my head on Nathan's dresser.  Hurt like hell but I didn't think anything of it and continued unpacking.  A few minutes later I started getting hot and felt a trickle run down my forehead.  Went to wipe my head and realized I was bleeding from the spot where I had hit my head.  Whoops.  I guess I had hit my head harder than I thought.  Went to look at my head and realized that I now had a huge bump and it was starting to turn purple.  Whoops.  Two days later it still hurts and I kind of get dizzy when I touch it.  Ouch.  So I try not to do that very often.  Ha.

The whole weekend was a blur.  I did slow down to give Nathan his last bath at the house before we packed up all his bath toys and his bath stuff.  As I wrapped him up in his towel, he softly whispered, "Read book?"  By then, his room was empty.  His toy shelves were gone along with all his books.  But then I remembered I had one of our old favorites still in my car.  So I left him wrapped in his towel, in our normal reading spot on his bedroom floor as I ran to the CR-V.  I came back with the book in hand and he scooched into my lap and we read Two Hungry Bears one last time veeeeery slowly as I tried to hold back the tears.  I ain't going to lie.  It was hard.  Even Nathan admitted that he was sad.  And for him to admit that, is a pretty epic feat.  We finally got through the book and continued packing.  We had to keep on packing.

Sunday the new owners of the house stopped by with their flooring guy to get some measurements for some new flooring.  How exciting!  That was always on our to do list if we couldn't sell the house and ended up staying.  Anyway, I guess it looked like we still had a lot to do so they gave us an extra day to pack and clean up if we needed it.  Which was so generous since our leaseback officially was supposed to expire at midnight.  Utilities were getting shut off on Monday but I didn't care.  So when we got to the house after work on Monday water and electric had been shut off.  We were scrambling to get the rest of our stuff packed while we still had daylight.  We still had to do some light packing with the flashlights.  Nathan had other plans and decided it was the perfect time to battle his shadow.  His shadow won.

J met up with the new owners after work today to give them the keys.  And just like that, the house where we had spent nine years was no longer ours.  If I haven't said it enough during the whole selling process I'm going to say it again.  It' so surreal but now it's so final.  I'll always cherish the memories at the house. But I'm also looking forward to the fun memories of this summer, this build process and all the new memories we'll make at the new house.  I can't wait.  Good bye old house.  We will remember you fondly.

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