New House: Progress

Well, it's been a while since I've given any updates about the house.  That's because there wasn't really a whole lot to update on.  J had the precon meeting with our sales consultant and the superintendent who would be overseeing the build of our house.  I was not able to get off work for that meeting.  I was confident that the guys could figure it out without me.  ;-)  Plus that meeting took three hours.  Yeah.  My ADD would have killed me.  After that meeting, I think J may have scared the our sales consultant and the superintendent.  They both sat there and asked J when we wanted the house to be done.  Well, J being honest told them that ideally we would like to be in by Christmas.  Because the idea of spending Christmas in the apartment is kind of...depressing.  J said they both kind of looked at each other and then looked at him and said they understand where we're coming from and they will do everything they can to try and get is in by that time frame and that it's not impossible.  But of course, we don't want them to rush the job at the expense of getting it built correctly and the way we want.  The precon meeting was on June 10th.  After that meeting we now have a new superintendent who doesn't have as heavy of a job load as our original one.  Like I said, I think J may have scared them.  Our original superintendent had ten houses he was overseeing.  Our new one has only five.  So low and behold it wasn't long before we started getting notifications that we had photos on our online portal of the progress on our lot.  Just to give you an idea, we were just at the lot on Saturday and had noticed that the lot had been cleared and by Tuesday these pictures were sent to us.  

The forms for our foundation were being set up.   

And the fill for our ? had been delivered.  I have no idea what fill is for.  I guess I will be Googling that. Ha.  It's official.  Construction has begun.  We're supposed to have another pre-construction meeting with our new superintendent.  J, our sales consultant and our superintendent all want us all to meet. Which means they want me to meet him too.  They swear this one won't last three hours like the first pre-construction meeting but they all want me to feel like I'm involved in the process.  I'm glad they want me to feel included but I'm confident that J's got the job of squeaky wheel covered.  But just in case, we're hiring an independent inspector to look over David Weekley's work.  I'll have more details about that in another post.  For now, we're gearing up for a trip to San Antonio to go and redeem a Sea World preschool pass that has to be redeemed by this weekend and go check out a house in San Antonio.  It was the one we drove that helped us decide on the floor plan we ended up picking.  The floor plan we ended up picking had two options and we couldn't decide sight unseen.  The closest one of option number two was in San Antonio.  So we loaded up in the car and made a day of it.  So we're going to go back to the house and check it out again.  Take a few pictures.  Maybe a video or two just so we can remember it a little better until ours is a little farther along.  Anyway, hope ya'll have a fun weekend.  See ya'll next week!

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