OOTD: Feeling Blue

This week I am feeling rather blue.  Today was Nathan's last day of school for the year.  It feels like we were just sitting in the Family Life Center for orientation back in August and now he's on summer vacation.  I guess that's what happens when your kid actually likes going to school. Which wasn't the case last year.  Last year we dreaded school days because we just knew a meltdown was bound to happen and when J would pick Nathan up, he was greeted by the displeased face of Nathan's teacher.  His good days were few and far between and it stung as a mom to know that his teacher thought he was such a trouble maker.  Luckily, this year was the total opposite.  It was rare that he would have a bad day.  Or if he did, the teachers rarely ever told us.  J said he could usually gauge how the day went by if Nathan's teacher gave him a Skittle at pick up time.  Even Nathan said he was going to be a little sad that school was over but he was excited that Kona Ice was coming to his school to give out snow cones.  Ha. 

I'm also feeling a little weepy these days because while we are very excited about our new build, I am sad to be leaving this house.  The selling process went a lot faster than we anticipated.  J and I put down the earnest money for the new house on his birthday, April 12th.  When we listed the house on May 9th we asked each other how awesome it would be if we got a contract on my birthday.  Well, as you know we got five offers on Mother's Day.  We accepted and signed a contract on May 11th, three days before my birthday, and we will be signing closing documents on May 30th.  Nineteen days.  It only took NINETEEN days for us to get from contract to closing.  Have I mentioned how insane this all feels?  So instead of being able to soak in a few more memories at this house, we have been scrambling to find an apartment.  Scrambling to pack what we can.  Scrambling to move crap to storage that won't be going to the apartment.  Lots of scrambling these days.  I feel bad for Nathan because we're usually dragging him to all these apartment visits.  All these trips to the storage unit to drop off a CR-V full of stuff.  I'll be kind of relieved when we are finally settled in the apartment and no longer in housing limbo.

So with all that being said, I felt it was only appropriate to wear some blue this week to match my mood.

Although today I decided to break up the blue and break out the florals since we completely skipped spring and the summer heat has arrived.

Okay.  Off to go do some packing.  I will be so happy when this first move is over with and life can kind of go back to normal.  Anybody have any packing tips they care to share?  

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