House: Seller's Market

When J and I decided to put this house on the market we weren't very optimistic of our chances to sell it.  When our very young realtor suggested the listing price, a whole $30K more than what we had mentally projected, we thought he was nuts.  He went on and on about how it's a seller's market in our area and how he didn't anticipate our house being on the market for very long.   After that initial meeting, we went ahead and signed the listing agreement with him and set to work on the improvements his firm's staging expert suggested.  After a week of working non-stop with contractors and cleaning the house, our house was finally uploaded to MLS yesterday afternoon.
Before the end of the night, I had received a call wanting to set up a visit for this morning.  As we were getting ready to leave the house for the first showing, the calls kept coming in. 

We thought we had an hour window between two showings but that hour turned into a mini sitcom.   I went to the park with Nathan and Buddy.  J went and got a haircut.  So when we met back up, he needed to jump in the shower.  Which was fine until somebody was frantically ringing our doorbell like a 3-year-old.  I answered the door and turns out it was another realtor.  He said he had left a voicemail saying he wanted to show the house.  I barged into the bathroom to find J with shampoo in his hair and eyes and I swear I probably sounded like I was talking in tongue trying to explain to him that we had to go because somebody was at the house for a showing.  So while he rinsed the shampoo out of his eyes, I loaded Nathan and Buddy into my car and waited.  Talk about crazy.  So after that we decided it was probably just best not to bother going back to the house until after the last showing of the day.  By the time we had finished the fourth showing, our agent called to tell us that he had already received an offer.  It was above our asking price.  The buyer would pay a non-refundable $500 option payment, deposit $5,000 as earnest money.  AND if the appraisal for the house wasn't for the amount they were offering, they would pay the difference out of pocket.  Talk about excited.  Day one and we already had an offer.   By the end of the day we got a second offer for the same amount but it didn't have the same contingencies that the first offer had.  Our realtor asked us if we wanted to start a bidding war and I think we're just happy with the first offer since it is still above the price that we had in our head before listing and our asking price.   The offer is too good to be true and I keep thinking that this whole thing is a dream.  We're going to continue showing the house tomorrow.  I think traffic will be a lot lighter since it'll be Mother's Day and then we will make a decision.  But what a day.  It's kind of surreal that if all goes well, we could possibly have to be out of this house within a month. I guess we'll be spending Mother's Day looking for a rental to call home until the new house is built.  

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