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Does anybody even remember that show?  Today's outfit was a boring repeat.  I'm exhausted.  In true me form, the past few days have been a whirlwind.  J and I have been talking about buying a new house for the past couple months.  We wanted to try and get into a new house before Nathan started school in the fall of 2015.  We knew where we wanted to be so it was just a matter of picking a builder.  For the last couple weeks we had settled on Meritage but they couldn't fit the floor plan we wanted with a third garage onto their remaining  lot in the section we wanted.  So on a whim we decided to tour a David Weekley home on Saturday.  We fell in love with the floor plan and by the end of the night we handed over an earnest money check to the sales consultant.  Didn't hurt that they were running their Employee Pricing promotion which took 7% off the price.

So we ended up picking Elevation D for the exterior.  

For the interior floor plan, we picked the Hennessey with the single dining option.

Except that house we walked through on Saturday was the standard floor plan.  Since J and I are such visual people, we couldn't tell our sales consultant if we wanted the standard floor plan or the single dining option.  So he found one for us to go look San Antonio.  Road trip!  So Sunday we all loaded into the car and drove to San Antonio to see it.  And we fell even more in love with the house.  So come Monday when the sales consultant called, we had chosen all the structural options and we were ready to sign the contract. So next step?  Tomorrow we go and meet with a lender to talk about financing.  Then Thursday we're having a realtor come walk through our current home to get his opinion on how much to sell this house for and to see what improvements, if any, he thinks we should do in order to help us sell fast.  J always teases me that I always move at lightning speed on anything I do but I have to admit that this is all happening a lot faster than I thought it would.  I am so excited about this process and I guess I might have to add a Build Progress button onto this blog.  Whoa.  Okay, off to go shove everything under my bed before our appointment with the realtor on Thursday.  They don't check under there for clutter right?  

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