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Since bringing Buddy home I haven't had a whole lot of free time after work to blog my outfits.  Remember that migraine I had on Monday?  Well, I didn't get to take Buddy for a walk because I was in pain.  And I was all loopy from my meds.  Tuesday morning I didn't get to take him for a walk because I had to get to work early to make up for missing Monday.  Well, when we got home we realized that Buddy had destroyed our back gate and he chewed/clawed(?) the door frame of our back door.  To say that J was pissed was an understatement.  So I've been more diligent about taking Buddy for a run in the morning before I go to work in hopes of wearing him out and him sleeping while we're at work.  Then when I get home I take him for a walk as soon as I get home.  Once we get home from our walk, it's time to feed Nathan, bathe him and get him in bed.  So by the time I get him to bed, I am exhausted.  Plus I've been wearing a lot of repeats lately.  

This was yesterday's outfit.  I can't get enough of this dress or dresses in general.  I love to be able to just throw one on and run out the door.  No thinking involved with throwing on a dress.  Other than maybe trying to decide what shoe to wear with the dress.  

Dress: JCrew Factory Stripe Scoopneck Dress, Shoes: Report (similar here)

This was today's outfit.  I have so many skirts and sometimes I forget about some of them.  Since it's finally starting to feel like spring here, I figured a floral skirt was a perfect way to embrace the warmer weather.  
Shirt: Banana Republic (similar here), Skirt: Banana Republic (similar here), Steve Madden 'Ravesh' Pumps

It's J's birthday this weekend so we're off to go celebrate.  Hope you have a good weekend!

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