OOTD: Tutu+Peplum

I never got the chance to take ballet as a little girl.  So today's outfit I am channeling my inner 5-year-old ballerina.  No wonder little girls want to be ballerinas.  The skirts are tutu fun to wear!
Peplum: Forever21, L'Mae Boutique Ivory Tulle Skirt, Steve Madden 'Ravesh' Pumps, Bling Bling: Jane.com 

When the skirt came in the mail, Nathan was very inquisitive about my new purchase.  This is how the conversation went.

Nathan: What's that?
Me:  A tutu skirt.  Just like mommy's tutu mug.
Nathan: Do you like tutu skirts?
Me: Yes.  
Nathan: WHY?!?! 

I guess he does not have the same enthusiasm as me about this skirt.  Ha.  

I'm going on night two of a crazy headache.  I've managed to not have to medicate beyond taking two Tylenol which has dulled the pain.  So I better get to bed before the Tylenol wears off.  See ya'll tomorrow!

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