OOTD: Pinspiration Tuesday

I loved this outfit that Carylee wore a few weeks ago.  So when I heard that today's high was supposed to be 80 (be jealous!) I couldn't contain my excitement to wear my version of this outfit.

Chambray Shirt: GAP (similar here), Skirt: Philip Lim for Target, Steve Madden 'Intyce' Boots, Necklace: Stella and Dot (ebay)

I only wish I had Carylee's awesome boots.  I have been on the hunt for a perfect replacement for my very well loved Intyce boots but nothing has jumped out at me.  Hopefully this winter is almost over and I can find something by next fall and finally retire these.

Good thing I already had an outfit picked out for today's Pinspiration Challenge because I wasn't able to get a whole lot of sleep.  Buddy had a rough night and had a few barking (I mean howling) spells until about midnight when he finally calmed down and slept for the rest of the night.  Then at 6, I woke up and we went for our first run together.  That was interesting.  It was a good run.  He kept his pace steady with mine instead of blasting off ahead of me but there were a couple of times when he saw a bunny and I thought I was going to face plant into the sidewalk.  I lost the leash for one bunny and the second bunny I managed to hold on but my whole body got jolted.  The thought of being dragged behind him has crossed my mind since he is such a huge dog and well...I'm kind of small.  At least he stopped when I told him to after he bolted for the first bunny.  I didn't even see the second one.  Oh the things we're going to have to learn as new dog parents.  :-)  Here's hoping tonight is a little easier for Buddy and I can get some more sleep.

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