OOTD: Texas Girl Problems

Just when we thought the cold was over, old man winter stopped by for another visit.  I could wear every piece of clothing in my closet and I'd still be cold.  Texas girl problems.  

Nathan and I went to The JCrew Factory Store to return the chambray shirt I ordered last week and I instantly fell in love with this dress.  

It was a little more than I would pay but after sending a picture of it to J, he told me to just go ahead and get it because he knows it's hard for me to find things that fit this well.  Now if only it would get warm so I can wear it.  

I've been obsessed with necklaces lately.  Especially super shiny statement necklaces.  I managed to find this one one jane.com for a fraction of the designer price.  
If you look closely, you may notice that one of the sparkles is missing.  It fell off as soon as I pulled it out of the package but it's nothing super glue shouldn't be able to fix.  Of course I had no superglue.  J used it all on purpose!

I also got this rose gold 'n' necklace that I plan to layer with my sterling silver Tiffany aquamarine necklace that J bought me the Christmas before Nathan was born.

The chain was a little longer than I would have liked.  So I pulled out my jewelry making kit and shortened it about an inch.  Now it's the perfect length and I got it just in time for Nathan's birthday on Saturday.

The weather gurus (HA!) are predicting sleet tomorrow and I may have to go into the office later than usual.  I don't know what's more dangerous.  Me on the icy roads or me and my online shopping habit.  Who knows what else I'll order before I go to work.  Hope ya'll have a good week. 

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  1. I'm from Texas too (Sugar Land sub of Houston) and I'm hating this weather right now. It's fickle and menopausal. BUT the 70s are coming back so we need not worry. We will be sweating when that happens. I found you through Carylee since she mentioned with all both the same SE wedges. Hope you staying warm.




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